2018 Turkey List

Please fill out the information below to be added to our 2018 Turkey List. 

For more information about our turkeys, click here! 

Please also understand that, although we are requesting information regarding your preferences, you may not receive the turkey you request. 

We will make every effort to assign turkeys based on preference, and the information here is based on what we expect to have available at Thanksgiving.  However, the numbers of certain types of birds may be limited, and the weights of birds will be unknown until after processing.  You may receive a bird that is a little larger or a little smaller than you anticipate, and perhaps a different kind.  We are not a large commercial farm, and our outcomes are just not as predictable. 

Thanks for understanding!! 

Options for Turkey Breast, Drumsticks, Thighs, or Wings are  from European Black Turkeys. 

PLEASE NOTE:  When you have completed the form below and click 'Subscribe to list', an email will be sent to you requesting that you confirm your subscription.  (If you do not see this in your normal Inbox, please check your SPAM folder and/or the Promotion tab if you use Gmail.)  You MUST complete this 'confirmation' step or your order will not go through.  If you have any questions concerning whether or not we have received your order, feel free to contact us at tallcottonfarm@gmail.com

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